Terms of Service & Submission Rules

* Only one account per person is allowed. Creating additional accounts for artificially inflating one's site points and votes is not allowed and will result in all offending accounts banned from the site. If you feel you want to abandon your account and start a new one for whatever reason, contact us with a request. (The contact link is in the footer of any site pages.)

* No attacking of other users. Treat others as you wish to be treated - with respect. If you find yourself offended enough by something someone has said that you want to flame them, you may immediately notify the site administrators. If any moderators are present, they may edit the offending posts and possibly (temporarily or permanently) ban the offender. Depending on how severe the violation is, offenders may be warned or banned temporarily (week, month) or permanently.


1) No submission that is too old or has been used before on StrangeAnswers.

2) All submissions should be safe for office place.

3) No use of banned words.

4) If an image for captioning is submitted, it should be at least 500 pixels wide.

5) Images must not be too grainy or fuzzy.

6) Please leave submissions open a minimum of 24 hours but try closing them within 48 hours, or as soon as possible afterwards. Questions left open after 3 days will be closed by the site.

LIMITS (per member):

1) No more than four open questions at the same time.

2) No more than four joke posts per day in the forum.

Moderators retain the right to delete any question, answer, comment or post based on his/her discretion.